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Common Things to Avoid When Renting an Apartment in Dubai

Renting an apartment in Dubai can be a confusing task, especially if you are not familiar with the city or the rental market. However, there are many common mistakes that people make during renting a property, and it is important to avoid these mistakes for having a smooth and satisfying renting experience.

To help you make informed decisions and avoid potential surprises, in this blog, we will explore these mistakes and their solutions on how to avoid them.


Renting an apartment in Dubai can be a great way to experience the city and live in a luxurious setting. Whether you are moving to the city for work, study, or just for living, its different amenities and modern communities such as Damac Hills and Jumeirah Village Circle, offer many options for apartment seekers. However, in the process of finding your dream residence, there are several factors to consider and certain pitfalls to avoid.

Making a clueless decision can cause unnecessary stress, financial strain, and disappointment. In this guide, we will show you some of the most common mistakes tenants make when renting apartments in Dubai. Whether you’re a first-time renter or have experience, these tips will help you to know about the Dubai rental market with confidence and make the best choice for your living situation.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Apartment in Dubai

Here are the seven most common mistakes to avoid while renting:

Not doing your research

Signing a lease without reading it carefully

Not getting everything in writing

Paying too much rent

Not understanding the terms of the lease

Not checking the property before you move in

Not being prepared for unexpected expenses

Not Doing Your Research

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when renting in Dubai is not doing your research. Before you start looking at apartments, take some time to research the different areas of the city and the different rental options available. Dubai has many communities and different rental prices, so it’s crucial to research openly before making any decisions. However, many renters fall into the trap of rushing into a lease agreement without understanding the locality, amenities, and market trends of the area.

How to Avoid It

Do Your Research | To avoid this mistake do your research properly. Take your time to explore different communities, considering factors such as proximity to work, schools, public transportation, and other services. Research the average rental prices in Dubai to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Moreover, consider the safety and security of the neighborhood, as well as its overall ambiance. This research will empower you with the knowledge needed to negotiate effectively and choose an apartment that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Before making a decision, visit the apartment at different times of the day to measure noise levels, traffic conditions, and the general atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the local community from residents or online forums. By completely researching the area, you can avoid renting in a neighborhood that doesn’t suit your needs or expectations.

Signing a Lease Without Reading it Carefully

Renting a property often involves signing a lease agreement, and one of the significant mistakes people make is not reading the lease carefully before signing it. A lease is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy between you and the landlord. That includes the rent amount, payment schedule, duration of the lease, maintenance responsibilities, and rules of the property.

Skipping over the fine print can lead to surprises down the line. For example, you might overlook the section related to maintenance costs, penalties for early termination, or restrictions on subletting the apartment. If you can’t understand these terms, it can result in financial burdens and legal complications.

How to Avoid This Mistake

Read Lease Carefully | To avoid this mistake, take your time to read and comprehend every detail of the lease agreement. The lease will typically include the following information:

Address of the property

Rental amount

Security deposit amount

Length of the lease

Terms of payment

Rules and regulations of the property

Rights and responsibilities of tenant and landlord

Procedures for terminating the lease

Feel free to inquire with the landlord or property manager if you have any questions or concerns that need clarification. If necessary, seek legal advice to ensure you fully understand the terms you’re agreeing to. By taking these precautions, you can stop any misunderstandings in the future and make a well-informed decision about your rental arrangement.

Not Getting Everything in Writing

When renting an apartment in Dubai, verbal agreements can easily lead to misunderstandings or disputes. Depending only on verbal promises from the landlord or property manager is a common mistake that tenants make. However, it is important to get everything related to your rental agreement in writing to protect your interests and avoid potential conflicts.

Verbal agreements can be forgotten or misremembered over time, leading to disagreements about important details such as rent amount, maintenance responsibilities, or agreed-upon repairs. Without written documentation, it’s challenging to prove what was initially agreed upon in case an argument arises.

How to Control Such Issues

Get Everything in Writing | To control such issues, make sure to have all discussions, agreements, and promises documented in the lease agreement or through written communication. It also includes the rent, security deposit, and terms of the lease. This will help you understand your rights and obligations as a tenant and protect you in case of any disputes. Here are some specific tips for getting everything in writing:

Ask the landlord or rental agency to provide you with a copy of the lease.

Read the lease carefully and make sure you understand all of the terms.

Sign the lease only after you have read and understood all of the terms.

Keep a copy of the lease in a safe place.

If you and the landlord agree on any changes or accommodations, such as repairs or modifications to the property, ensure that they are written down and signed by both parties. This way, you have a clear record of the terms and conditions you’ve agreed upon. It provides you with solid proof in case you need to reference them in the future.

Renting an Apartment - Riseonic Blog

Paying Too Much Rent

While finding a suitable apartment in Dubai is important, it is also crucial to ensure that you’re not overpaying for it. One common mistake renters make is not properly researching the market and comparing rental prices before committing to a lease. Paying more than the market average for a similar property can strain your budget and lead to financial stress throughout your tenancy.

How to Avoid It

Negotiate the Rent | It is always a good idea to negotiate the rent when you are renting an apartment. This is especially true in Dubai, where the rental market is competitive. To avoid this mistake, take the time to research the average rental prices in the area where you’re looking to rent. Online real estate platforms, property listing websites, and real estate agents can provide valuable insights into the current market rates.

Compare the prices of similar properties in the same communities like Creek Waters and Creek Waters 2, to get an accurate understanding of what’s reasonable. When negotiating the rent, be prepared to walk away if you are unhappy with the price. You should also be polite and professional. Here are some specific tips for negotiating rent:

Firstly, do your research and know the market value of the property.

Additionally, be prepared to offer a lower price than the asking price.

Moreover, be willing to compromise.

Last but not least, be polite and professional.

Also, consider factors such as the apartment’s condition, amenities, location, and overall value for money. If you find that the rent being asked is significantly higher than similar apartments in the area, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the landlord. Politely discuss your findings and try to reach a more reasonable agreement that suits the market value of the real estate and your budget.

Remember, while securing a desirable apartment in Dubai is essential, it’s equally important to ensure that it fits within your financial means without causing any financial strain.

Not Understanding the Terms of the Lease

Renting an apartment in Dubai involves signing a lease agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy. One of the most significant mistakes renters make is not thoroughly understanding the lease agreement before signing it. Failing to hold the terms, conditions, and responsibilities outlined in the lease can cause misunderstandings, conflicts, and even legal issues down the line.

How to Avoid This Mistake

Understand the Terms of the Lease | To avoid this mistake, take the time to carefully read and understand every detail of the lease agreement. Pay attention to clauses related to rent payment, security deposits, maintenance responsibilities, termination conditions, and any other terms that may affect your stay. If you have any uncertainties, feel free to inquire with the landlord or seek guidance from a legal expert to gain clarity. Here are some specific tips for understanding the terms of the lease:

Read the lease carefully and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Get a copy of the lease in writing and keep it in a safe place.

Have a lawyer review the lease if you are not comfortable understanding it on your own.

Moreover, make sure that you’re aware of important dates, such as the start and end date of the lease, the notice period required for moving out, and any renewal terms. Clarify the rules and regulations related to maintenance and repairs, subletting, and making alterations to the apartment.

Remember that the lease agreement is a legally binding document, and both parties are obligated to fulfill their respective responsibilities. Taking the time to fully understand the terms and conditions can help you avoid misunderstandings. By thoroughly reviewing the lease agreement, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions, uphold your obligations, and avoid potential disputes.

Renting an Apartment - Riseonic Blog

Not Checking the Property Before You Move In

Renting an apartment in Dubai also involves a real financial commitment, and you want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. One common mistake that tenants make is not thoroughly inspecting the property before moving in. Before you move in, schedule a complete walkthrough of the apartment with the landlord.

Take this opportunity to examine the condition of the property closely. Look for any signs of damage, wear, and tear, or issues that need to be addressed before you start living there. Failing to do so can lead to unpleasant surprises and disputes over damages later on.

How to Stop This Issue

Check the Property Before You Move In | To avoid this issue, it is important to inspect the property carefully before you move in. This includes checking for any damage, defects, or missing appliances. You should also make sure that the property is clean and in good condition. Here are some specific tips for checking the property before you move in:

Firstly, make a list of all the things you want to check.

Inspect the property thoroughly, both inside and out.

Additionally, take photos of any damage or defects.

Moreover, get the landlord or rental agency to sign a document acknowledging the condition of the property.

By following these tips, you can avoid making this common mistake and protect yourself as a tenant. However, check all the appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, and windows to ensure they are in proper working condition. During the inspection, don’t hesitate to ask questions about repairs, maintenance, and any ongoing issues with the property in Dubai. If you discover any issues during the walkthrough, communicate them to the landlord or property manager and ensure that they are documented in writing. Here are some things to check:

The condition of the walls, floors, and ceiling.

Check the condition of the appliances.

Also, check the condition of the windows and doors.

Moreover, check the condition of the plumbing and electrical systems.

The condition of the furniture and fixtures.

Most importantly, check the cleanliness of the property.

By thoroughly checking the property before renting an apartment, you can call any concerns upfront and ensure that you’re entering into a rental agreement with a clear understanding of the property’s condition. This approach will help you avoid potential conflicts over damages later on.

Not Being Prepared for Unexpected Expenses

Renting an apartment in Dubai involves more than just paying the monthly rent. Many tenants make the mistake of not factoring in unexpected expenses when budgeting for their rental property. Failing to prepare for these unforeseen costs can lead to financial stress and disrupt your overall living experience.

While the landlord is typically responsible for major repairs and maintenance, there are smaller expenses that tenants might encounter during their lease term. For example, appliances may malfunction, plumbing issues might arise, or minor damages could occur that are not covered by the security deposit.

Renting an Apartment - Riseonic Blog

How to Control Financial Surprises

Be Prepared for Unexpected Expenses | To control financial surprises, it’s essential to set aside a portion of your budget for expenses related to your apartment. This can include repairs, replacements, and general maintenance that may arise over time. Creating an emergency fund specifically for your rental property can provide peace of mind and help you cover these costs.

Additionally, make sure you fully understand the terms of the lease regarding who is responsible for specific repairs and maintenance. Some leases might require tenants to cover certain repairs up to a certain amount. Being aware of these details will help you prepare financially and avoid any last-minute financial burdens.

When budgeting for your rental, consider not only the monthly rent but also the potential extra costs that could arise. By planning and setting aside funds for unexpected expenses, you can ensure a more secure and stress-free experience during renting an apartment. This preparation will contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable living situation in Dubai.


Renting an apartment in Dubai can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to approach it with caution and careful consideration. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can set yourself up for a more enjoyable living situation. From conducting thorough research and understanding the lease terms to checking the property and preparing for unexpected expenses, each step plays an important role in ensuring a positive rental experience.

Taking the time to educate yourself about the Dubai rental market, knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and being particular in your apartment search will help you make informed decisions. Furthermore, remember that renting an apartment is not just a financial commitment; it’s a part of your lifestyle and comfort. Avoiding these pitfalls will not only save you time and money but also contribute to a stress-free and satisfying stay in Dubai.

Whether you are a newcomer to the city or a long-time resident, the key to a successful rental experience lies in being proactive, attentive, and well-prepared. By avoiding these seven common mistakes, you can start your journey of renting an apartment in Dubai with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken the steps to make the most of your new home. Happy Renting!

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